RCMP are reminding ATV riders to make safety a priority.


New road and bridge linking Pipeline Road to the101 service road.  This will provide a connection to the east side of Big Indian Lake that has never existed before.

We would like to advise everyone that the lands and buildings of Bay Community Centre (location of our clubhouse) and owned by HRM are being used for a film production crew from May 31 until June 24.  There will be no other accesses during this time period.


The Safety Minded ATV Association is one of the largest ATV clubs in Nova Scotia with over 300 members.  Our clubhouse is a small school at 15 Station Road, Head of St. Margaret's Bay, just off highway #3.  Our meetings are at 7:30 p.m. on the third Monday of the month, with no meetings in July and August.  Our clubhouse will accommodate up to 130 people, depending on type of function.

Some of our work includes maintaining existing trails and building new ones while always respecting and preserving the natural woodlands and waterways.  We organize Fun Runs and Rallies to raise funds.  Some of the money raised is used for charitable donations to local groups and organizations.

As our name depicts, all of our activities are focused around Safety Minded ATVing.  Our club has two certified ATV safety instructors offering training to ATV operators with a special rate for club members.

SMATVA is one of five founding clubs that in 1997 formed ATVANS, the All Terrain Vehicle Association of Nova Scotia.  The other four clubs were St. Margaret's Snowmobile/ATV Club, Kings County ATV Club, Colchester Five Islands ATV Club, and Pictou County ATV Club.

The monthly meeting is normally held at
7:30 p.m. on the
except for July and August.  The board is reviewing conditions each month to determine when provincial restrictions may allow us to resume in-person meetings.



Dexter construction, who is doing the contract work on the103 highway twinning and New Vingar Lake Access Road (Tunnel), is asking for everyone to avoid being on or too near the sites under construction. I know we all want to view what is going on as it progresses, but please do so at a distance and avoid riding on cleared areas as well.  For safety and environmental reasons, I have attached the correspondence I received from them that sums up their concerns, and it is a reasonable request. This work is going to have a tremendous benefit to all OHV operators and the general public once completed, so please let them do their jobs and keep everyone safe.

Thanks and Regards,


Mike Marriott

President, SMATVA

902 430 6079



On behalf of Dexter Construction, I am enquiring how something could be posted to your members about riding on the portions of the Highway 103 that are actively under construction.  There are two main concerns, one is the safety of riders and second is riders entering water/swampy areas on the sites and “stirring” up mud and silt and causing issues that NS Environment has identified to us and holding us accountable. 


We continue to note ATV tracks on the various sites we have under construction, so wanted to reach out to possibly discuss/figure out a way to help protect riders.   As you can appreciate it is very dangerous for the public to be riding in the areas of construction, and as a fellow rider want to ensure safety to staff and public, as well as to the environment. 

Hi Members (email from Mike Marriott)


Went out Saturday to look at some trails for clearing and an issue on a trail near the 101, which we are sourcing some supplies for fixing in the next 2 weeks. I'll send an email for no more then 5 members, depending upon latest restrictions, to spend a couple hours on site to fix it.


We also went to see how the new road is coming along to link up the Pipeline Road to the 101 Service Road. This will give us a connection for the east side of Big Indian Lake that never existed before and will open up many new trails and routes for general riding and club events.


It looks like they will have it decked possibly in the next couple weeks, and I'm thinking it will be open by this summer for sure.  Pretty exciting development!!.


Due to the latest restrictions our clubhouse will be out of use untill May 20 at least, so if we go for a run, numbers will be limited to gathering limits in place at the time.


We hope to have a couple meetings before summer, but as you see this pandemic is going to make all plans unpredictable.


New bridge and road pictures >>




Mike Marriott

President, SMATVA

902 430 6079